The twin tasks of preparing price quotations and optimising the production process are among the most common everyday tasks for welding SMEs. The need for a method of optimizing and automating these processes is well recognised in the welding sector. There is no holistic software solution for optimising the welding process and calculating the manufacturing costs in one step. Welding SMEs are not able to exchange CAD generated parameters seamlessly with customers and subcontractors.

WELD-IT is a tool that enables welding companies to price, plan and manage welding projects in a fast, cost-effective, flexible and sophisticated way by providing them with hardly accessible expertise regarding welding. Being a knowledge-based, “assistive” tool, it supports welding engineers and technicians in pricing and defining the optimal welding processes for a fabrication by taking into account the most relevant parameters/information: project requirements and specifications, customer preferences, manufacturing capabilities, resource allocation, standards and best practices.


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The WELD-IT project is financed by the European Commission's
Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Development.

Grant Agreement number: 262580